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NBN is here and the telephone system has been shut down.

So what do you do?
Well that depends on your situation, lets try and work it out.
First we will look at a married couple or single person.
Typically there will be either, a home phone with internet or just a home phone, plus at least one mobile.
Most mobile phone plans include a data allowance, which is typically wasted and not used.
In this instance I recommend dumping the home phone entirely and using the mobile for phone and internet. We utilise something called 'tethering' which links the phone to the computer and is very easy to do. Don't have a mobile? Get one on a prepaid plan it's super cheap and 4G mobile internet is usually faster than Fibre to the Node.
For a family; again 2 options.
If all the internet users have there own mobile, then everybody can tether to their own device.
For command and control of children, I suggest switching to the NBN, all modems have some sort of parental control built in. The hardest part is ensuring a good connection around the entire house, either network cabling, powerline adaptors or wi-fi extenders are available.
Two key points:
All providers are now resellers of the NBN service. This means that whoever your provider is you are going to receive pretty much the same connection service. Telstra no longer have any control over the NBN and there is no benefit in staying with them. Actually they have the worst reputation and receive the highest number of complaints per customer, out of all the internet providers. Other than that choose any of the providers listed on the government website.
Many of the smaller providers are all Australian and often provide excellent and personalised customer support
The second point is speed, in areas that have 'Fibre to the Node' you will typically have an average download speed of 20Mbps regardless of the speed plan. This is the limitation of using the existing copper wire. On the current ADSL system we typically see speeds of about 8 to 12Mbps. Therefore only subscribe to 25Mbps. So even if you pay for 100 you will still only get about 20, yes there are exceptions but that doesn't concern us.
If you have Fibre to the Premises then up to 100Mbps is available however unless you have a specific need I suggest subscribing to a 25Mbps service and you will usually achieve the full 25Mbps.
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